May 31, 2020


The problem is common: Your growing business has ongoing legal needs — contracts to draft, negotiate, and review; employment matters; trademark issues; corporate upkeep and board resolutions to handle; negotiations with vendors and customers; Terms of Service to update; the list goes on.

Many businesses recognize the value in having a full-time attorney as the company’s General Counsel. Having a General Counsel allows a business to streamline legal processes and integrate the company’s legal team into its business lines.

Hiring a General Counsel is typically an expensive proposition. However, Stark Weber PLLC has pioneered a cost effective “outside” General Counsel solution for startups and growing companies with the need for part-time corporate legal support. Here are just a few of the ways that retaining an outside General Counsel might help:

Structure. A business with an outside General Counsel can create workflow processes to include its new legal team on matters. For example, employees can direct contract negotiations to the outside General Counsel, the Board of Directors can consult the outside General Counsel on corporate matters, and departments like Human Resources can collaborate with the outside General Counsel on employment matters.

Familiarity. A good outside General Counsel will get to know your business, industry, employees, customers, and vendors. That existing familiarity can be helpful in navigating new issues as they arise. 

Cost. Typically, the cost of an outside General Counsel is a fraction of the cost of a full-time General Counsel.

If you would like to discuss Stark Weber PLLC’s outside General Counsel program, please contact Jared Stark at